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It has been founded end 2007 by Hans Smedema, who transferred all the rights of his unbelievable horror true crime story to this Private Interest Foundation (PIF) under Panama law, to protect his unbelievable story about the conspiracy of the Dutch Government against him and his wife.
This includes copy-, book-, film-, interview-, digital-, ebook- and all other rights.

Part 1, 2 and 3 of the book are published in Dutch and English and can be bought on almost every platform as an ebook. Just google the name Hans Smedema ebook!

Part 1 in Dutch was on February 9th 2009 already forbidden by a Dutch Police Judge, with Hans Smedema not allowed a Lawyer, witnesses or a simple DNA test because the Judge ‘Jeroen van Bruggen’ already knew(assumed!) that this story could never be true and declared Hans insane without any investigation!

On December 3th 2012 the Appeal court in Arnhem sentenced innocent victim Hans Smedema again without any defense allowed(no witnesses or simple dna-test) to 3 months conditional, and paying the rapist of his wife a total of 5300 euro or face 31, 31, 41 days in prison. And because Hans Smedema of course refused to pay the rapist of his wife, he now faces a total of over 6 months in a Dutch prison! Horrifying and only because an evil Dutch Queen Beatrix refuses to confess her mother made a terrible mistake by signing a secret law around 1975! That makes this case ‘State security’ and is the reason Hans and his still unknowing wife have to suffer since 1972 until this very day!

No Dutch people or organisations have been willing to assist Hans in his lonely fight against a corrupt state and government!

These unbelievable crimes against Hans Smedema are still covered-up and ongoing(!), but later the funds coming out of it, will go partly to those who have suffered, or those who helped Hans to break the cover-up.
The Dutch Government is trying to keep it out of the media, and the American Government does the same at the moment!

This foundation will take care of all those who helped Hans Smedema during his horrifying fight with the Dutch Government and Queen Beatrix! The Dutch Queengate! Main beneficiary will of course be a child or children proven to be directly from Hans Smedema himself and the mother! He is looking for such a woman who will raise his children together with her partner, be it a man or a woman. Or she can take a partner later. She will be financially independent when the foundation has enough money, which it normally would with a story like this and also damage payments of around 5 million coming.

Also this Foundation will grant money for studying to those who want to study Amnesia and Multiple Personality.

Broward Detention Center
Broward Detention Center

Hans Smedema asked for Political Asylum on April 20th, 2009 after arriving in Miami Florida, was detained for 28 weeks in Broward Transitional Center Pompano Beach without(!) access to his files. In fact any contact with the outside world was almost impossible. He had nobody out site only his wife he could reach a few times. He was defenseless from the moment he came in! He was deported back to the Netherlands because he had not enough proof of the Dutch government being behind this conspiracy!
Nobody during that time helped him, no Amnesty International, no Human Rights Watch, not from America, or from Netherlands! He was glad to get out and be ‘free’ again and therefore of course waived any appeal!

He tried again on November 5th in Texas, but after 10 weeks he was again deported now even without any trial!

Hans only asked his own Dutch Government and Justice to investigate and tell him what was going on with this conspiracy, but has now(2014) spend 10 months in detention! 28 weeks Florida, 10 weeks Texas and 1 month Ter Apel Netherlands, all completely innocent! Only trying to defend his dignity and his wife from being raped and mistreated.

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Hans Smedema, Drachten,  Netherlands